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We offer production services to channels and businesses of any size, from scrappy upstarts to channels with millions of subscribers. We believe that excellent production quality should be a realistic goal for any serious creator.

Where we’re from

Built for creators

Our job is to help creators create. To understand the needs of their business, navigate the ebb and flow of the various algorithms, and help them build content that engages and delights their audience, giving them the freedom to focus on what makes them unique.

We brought in some dedicated production help to lend a hand with a few of our creators. Before we knew it, we had a fully staffed production company.

Our years of experience working with some of the most popular and engaging information channels on YouTube has taught us to work alongside many different personalities to create many different kinds of videos.

As a result, we bring a high-touch, concierge approach to production. Our in-house teams can write and storyboard your ideas to ensure a beautiful and composite piece, easing the often cumbersome process of crafting pieces.

What we do

Production Services

Our production team of directors, cinematographers, live broadcasters, camera operators, and producers can run every aspect of production, including location scouting, running sets, and finding you the right talent to tell your story.

Our post-production crew is a seasoned team of editors, motion graphics artists, animators, 3D designers, colorists, and audio engineers. From creative concept, through production, into post-production, Nebula Studios is your collaborative partner.


Storyboarding, copy editing, and production design and planning. We can also help with location scouting and casting.


Directors, producers, grips, electrical, and even drone operators. We obsess over the details and, frankly, we’re really into camera stuff.


Editing, motion graphics, 3D, design, color and audio. We can help ensure the highest levels of fit and finish for your project.

Post-Production Services


Assembly edit, final cut, or anything in-between. We have a ton of experience working with directors and collaborations to find the right voice for a project.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to liven up the presentation of data in any video. They’re also our native language.

3D Animation

Not everything needs to be a Pixar movie, but sometimes an idea requires more than two dimensions to express. We have modelers and animators for that.

Audio Sweetening

Dialogue editing, mixing, mastering, and sound design. We know that nothing makes a video look worse than bad audio.

Color Grading

Color grading can mean the difference between a Wes Anderson homage and a Michael Bay-style blockbuster. We obsess over colors to get you the look you want.

Visual Design

Branding, illustration, thumbnails, and channel art. Your channel deserves to look its best.

Our Work

You've probably seen our work before…

Nebula is born of, and built for, Internet video. That means we understand the shifting demographics and viewership patterns of today’s media landscape.

The days of the large, ego-driven agency are in the past. You know your brand and your content better than anyone — and we know production. The best video exists in our combined efforts. We love collaborating.

Our Clients

Trusted by independent creators

Whether it’s commercials for international companies like Bosch, documentary and corporate videos for brands like Facebook and Wells Fargo, or collaborating with the best Creators out there, our team has seen (and can do) it all.

Wendover Productions
YouTube Creator

​“The Nebula Studios team has the flexibility and skillset to take on everything from complex, big-budget projects with short-turnarounds to the audio editing, motion graphics, and graphic design that we need for every single video we make. 

​Their ability to adapt to exactly what I need, regardless of the required scope, skillset, or speed, makes Nebula Studios the perfect partner to fulfill the production needs of my company.”

YouTube Creator

“The Nebula Studios team has been a tremendous asset to my channel by freeing my time and energy to do what I do best. Over time we’ve developed efficient workflows and a high level of trust which manifests as honest feedback and, ultimately, better videos.

Working with smart, interesting, and well-rounded people has made my work just that.”

Creator Testimonials

“Our podcast simply wouldn’t exist without our editor at Nebula Studios. Having someone who is not just dependable, but who actually elevates our show, allows us to just focus on recording great content.”
“The Nebula Studios team are not only the loveliest people to work with, but they bring such creativity to the Modulus podcast, which they edit. They help bring the vision to life, while somehow always managing to be prompt and efficient - even when we are not!”
“Without Nebula Studios it would be impossible for me to run a podcast in addition to a YouTube channel. Nebula Studios is instrumental in doing the final cut of all my videos, as well as occasionally offloading additional work like thumbnails. When I start feeling overwelmed they are the first I reach out to get some help, and the quality of my content has tremendously increased as a result.”

Our Clients

Enterprise Clients

Our clients touch a wide range of industries and categories, but they all have one thing in common: A deep need to generate results. Our collaborations have had a long track record of delivering that ROI.



Nebula Studios has worked with several departments at Facebook, telling stories in collaboration with African American and female entrepreneurs.

Wells Fargo

With Wells Fargo, Nebula Studios developed a docu-series on Latinx business owners who successfully completed the Latino Business Action Network graduate business program at Stanford, exploring how their business, and their employees had been affected.
Live Action

Bosch Speakers


Bosch’s 30M is the quick set up solution for independent music makers on the move. Nebula Studios developed a series of campaign spots to highlight the speaker’s versatility.

Motion Graphics

Adobe Experience


Nebula Studios collaborated with Adobe to develop a script that could be developed quickly, safely, and with beautiful animations.


US Bank


With US Bank, Nebula Studios did what it does best, beautiful production footage integrated seamlessly with elegant motion graphics.

Enterprise Clients

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